Who Doesn't Like Pasta?

Perhaps it can be making easy, who knows maybe it can be bought cheaply, the pasta undoubtedly the most popular food source in world history. Testing it is very simple. Ask your people around, certainly one of them is pasta lover like me!

Pasta is known that it originated in Sicily in 1154, although it can producing differently in many countries from Asia to Europe but its generally prepared by adding semolina or wheat flour, egg, water and shaping various forms after it is made into dough.The pasta is from group of carbohydrates with contains high protein and vitamin B ratio, and also it breaks down very quickly in metabolism and turns into energy. Therefore it is quite nutritious and it has high calorie.

Nowadays, pasta is indispensable for housewife's ‘cause its purchasing and making very quickly. It can be consumed by itself and of course can be consumed by making it more colorful and delicious with different sauces. The must-have sauces of pasta vary from country to country. The most known bolognese sauce has continues its popularity for years. Also, pasta can be easily made at home with additional substances to create different tastes.

Due to population growth and economic agenda, pasta production and consuming rate increases in every year worldwide.


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