Is Eating Chocolate Good For Your Body?

Is Eating Chocolate Good For Your Body

Chocolate is must be the most loved eatable “thing” since it invented. It’s may be many people’s favorite but there are some evidence to be believed that it is unhealthy if you eat too much. Oh the other hand, there are some scientific researches. According them, eating chocolate makes you feel better both physically and emotionally. So here you can find some details about the issue that we can explain in different point of view.

There is a research about eating chocolate at Harvard University in the U.S.A. worked on 8.000 men for 65 years. In this study, there is a result that people who eat chocolate lived a year longer than people who didn’t eat chocolate. According the research, raw material of cocoa contains antioxidants which material to prevent of harmful cholesterol. This material is also know a protector against cancer. So, now we scientifically have knowledge about chocolate can fight against cancer. Furthermore, it contain sugar too that can be reduce stress if it consume reasonable amount.

In light of all this, we all know that chocolate makes feel better who consume it.  Also, there are one more interesting result too that the smell of chocolate can make slow down brain waves. That is making the consumer feel calm. Most of chocolate consumer things it so pleasurable , that is also true because when you eat chocolate, brain release endorphins in the brain . This is a resistant technique of brain against the pain.


There are many nutritionists says that chocolate does not make you fat. People always blame every single food gives them weight. So there are an enormous fact that if you do not eat more calories than you burn, you will not get fat. Chocolate has a quite low glyceamic index which means gives high energy but it does not rise blood sugar too quickly. This is makes it a great energy source. Furthermore, chocolate contains chromium which helps control blood sugar because it is engaged in making glucose available in the body.

One other scientific research at Rhode Island University gives a another interesting result. People who can not drink milk that contain lactose can drink with cacao. Our body need this digest lactose , the sugar found in the milk. So, added one and a half teaspoon cocoa in a cup of milk makes it drinkable for who may effect badly from it.


Chocolate also boosts the appetite for who need to put some more weight on. But it is not ideal if you are on a diet for lost weight. There are some sickness like anorexia nervosa that can be cut peoples appetite. Eating chocolate can be helpful at this type of problems to solve.

Chocolate is tasty, delightful, healthy and also nutritious. A 50 gr bar of chocolate contains; 1,2 mg of iron and 45 mg magnesium and also 50 gr milky chocolate contains; 110 mg calcium. It is look quite good energy resource but a average person should eat seven bars to get advised daily portion of these minerals.


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