Handy Solutions For Problems Of Pasta Machines

Pasta is  one of most known food all of the world. It is healthy , tasty and nutritive. Therefore pasta “addicts” can not to quit to adoring it. There are many different types and shapes of pasta and the the healthiest is the fresh one.

Nowadays, there are so many place to go that can serve many types of fresh pasta. Also, there are some special people who wondering about how to make fresh pasta at home. That is exactly what we’re looking for to tell about our knowledge to them. Here you can find some details and tips about making fresh pasta at home and handy solutions about fresh pasta machines of their common problems.


Shaping is may be the most difficult part of the processing of making fresh pasta with your bare hands. That is why these machines were created to use at this part of processing of fresh pasta. They are useful to gives shape the prepared dough of pasta.

Pasta machines have two rollers that turn by cranking a handle. The space between the rollers is adjusted, by moving a dial on the side of the machine, creating thicker or thinner sheets.

Pasta dough or polymer clay is fed into the top of the machine and squeezed flat between the rollers as you turn the handle. The flattened clay sheet comes out underneath the rollers.

They are actually have easy principles of working but there are some difficulties coming up when you use them.


  • Horizontal Ridge is not a big problem to deal when you shaping pasta but if you want completely smooth surface of your pasta dough you should handle it. It caused by the clunking that happens when the teeth of the gears mesh together at the largest setting. To reduce  the appearance of these ridges, turn your sheet 90 degrees and put it through the machine a few more times.
  • Chattering happens because your clay is too sticky for use with this setting. To prevent this use firmer and less sticky clay if you need more this pasta sheets.
  • Rippling happens at thinner settings and is worse with sticky and soft clay. To prevent this use firmer clay or use a backing sheet.
  • Vertical Lines can be caused by scratches in the roller itself sometimes. To prevent this use soft cleaning equipment while you clean the machine.
  • If the clay going round and round, disassemble your machine and clean out the collected clay. You can also bend the blade back if it’s necessary.
  • You may encounter with black streaks on your pasta sheet. This lines are not from oil or some other organic stuffs. They are probably a result of chemical reactions between the metal in the sheet rollers and the ingredients in the clay. To prevent this problem, clean the necessary areas with using soft cleaning stuff like baby wipes.

Mostly pasta machines problems can be prevent by using clay that is not soft and sticky. Always use your blade to make slices that you feed through the machine and combine as they soften up and become conditioned. And also keep your pasta machine always clean and use wipe or paper towel to clean the rollers. If you take pasta machine apart you can access to area behind the blades and makes it easy to clean.

After read this article about the pasta machines, do yourself a favor, go to the kitchen and make yourself a delicious pasta with a sauces as you desired.


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